Friday, 16 September 2011

Romy Nayar and NaNoBoSc

I was raised to believe that there are some subjects you just never discuss in polite public; mutual masturbation, mass immigration and the Higgs Boson, immediately come to mind as examples.

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And woe betide me or one of my leporine siblings if any of us dare raise the verboten subject of nanotechnology at the dinner table!

This has understandably made me cautious about sharing my thoughts on such delicate subjects with strangers.

Romy Nayar, evidently, has no such inhibitions or reservations.

Nanotechnology literally pores over you and feasts upon you as you explore her work at NaNoBoSc.

NaNoBoSc is a lavish festival of colour, shape and texture; and the magic of this place is that every texture has been created from actual images of nanoparticles!

The result is an amazing visual treat where the Macrocosm is in the Microcosm and the Microcosm in the Macrocosm.

And we, dear reader, as voyagers of the Metaverse knocking like flies against the boundaries of the Virtual Cosmos, stand mid-point, mediating.

As we examine NaNoBoSc more closely we discover that each shape, each branch, each limb, joint, appendage, attachment and tentacle curiouser and curiouser looks like something that could only ever otherwise be seen under the light from a very powerful electron microscope.

But the wonder is, here in Romy's work, we are able to walk amongst them... around them...

... study them...

and pontificate about them:

I spent hours exploring NaNoBoSc, alone but also with Tutsy. I really enjoyed it all - the feel, the sensuality, the concept, the philosophy but, above all else, the *texture* of the place.

Romy Nayar has her own blog which I recommend for its visual images and embedded machinima. Definitely worth a look. Chrome did a pretty good job translating from the original Spanish text to English but I must confess I found the font choice to be difficult on the eye and hard to read.

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