Thursday, 15 September 2011

SpyVSpy Aeon's Abstract Matter

SpyVSpy Aeon's machinima are always worth watching in their own right but 'Abstract Matter', his latest offering, has special interest to those of us involved with the Adult and Erotic genre - the voiceover is performed by Rysan Fall.

Rysan's adult work needs no introduction from me, of course, as it can easily be argued that he is the most accomplished filmmaker working in the field of Second Life adult machinima. Indeed, I listed his work as a "must-see" for understanding how SL adult machinima is evolving.

I have blogged Spy's work before. He has a deservedly good reputation as a highly skilled technical filmmaker. 'Abstract Matter' can only serve to reinforce that reputation.

'Abstract Matter' not only combines Spy's great filmmaking techniques and Rysan's crystal-clear voiceover but also features the work of one of my favorite SL artists - Igor Ballyhoo - I wrote a blog on his work only last week.

'Abstract Matter' is filmed on Second Life, EveOnline and UniverseSandbox.

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