Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Eat Shit! 2,144,472 flies can't be wrong!

[04:48] tutsy Navarathna: look this and tell me why there are 2milions people watching it ? 
[04:48] tutsy Navarathna: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGOwTxsZd44&feature=feedf
[04:48] Pixie Rain: watching
[04:48] Pixie Rain: ok
[04:48] tutsy Navarathna: while im looking your boops
[04:49] tutsy Navarathna: boobs
[04:49] tutsy Navarathna: and also under your skirt
[04:49] Pixie Rain: is this Second Life?
[04:49] Pixie Rain: no
[04:49] tutsy Navarathna: i don't think
[04:50] Pixie Rain: no, isnt
[04:50] Pixie Rain: dog is too good
[04:50] Pixie Rain: and anims
[04:50] tutsy Navarathna: yes
[04:50] Pixie Rain: my review.......
[04:50] Pixie Rain: and I will back this up, on my blog....
[04:50] Pixie Rain: THAT WAS SHIT
[04:51] tutsy Navarathna: totally, big shit
[04:51] Pixie Rain: i have no idea why 2,000,000 views
[04:51] tutsy Navarathna: and 2 millions people
[04:51] tutsy Navarathna: ????
[04:52] Pixie Rain: amazing...."viral" must mean "diseased brain"

We return you now to your scheduled programme....

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