Friday, 9 September 2011


HuMaNoiD is a sim of many facets and is well worthy of our time and attention.

It is especially suited, in my opinion, for romance, for photo-shoots and for simple, relaxed wandering and exploring.
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On arriving at HuMaNoiD, you find yourself encircled by eight white doors. At the centre of the circle is a chair and a cello.
You'll also be invited to have your Windlight settings changed.
I have mixed feelings about Windlight generally. Although it provides many different and interesting skylines, it seems to me that many are actually really quite unusable.
When in the business of filming or photographing avatars, the majority of Windlight settings are plain fugly it seems to me.
Specifically, at HuMaNoiD, although the suggested Windlight settings worked well with most of the builds, I was not convinced it worked well for avatar photography.
The photos accompanying this blog were taken with Windlight set to "blackskymoon", "greyskymoon" (thanks for the tip, Jinx!) or the default "Midday".
Each of the eight doors is a teleport to a independent area and build.
I couldn't really discern a common theme or concept connecting the different builds, but that is hardly important - there is no obligation that there should be.
The different areas can easily be considered as different "photo studios", such is their diversity.
And it is also fair to say, I think, that some of the areas work better than others depending on your current needs and expectations.
But, no matter, each of them are worth a visit.
Couples dance machines are set up in a number of areas and I was surprised and delighted to discover that sex animations are also installed into some of the furniture.
Inevitably, where the number of areas to visit are so diverse, you'll have a personal favourite.
Mine is an area done in black, white and blues. The centrepiece is a birds cage and it is surrounded by dandelion seed pods.
Butterflies lightly flutter in and out of the scene.
I felt the colour balance was just right and the overall look, both close-up and at a distance, quite stunning.

As well as the eight locations accessed from the white doors, you can walk out of the circle to explore the various islands located in the ankle-depth surrounding sea.
I enjoyed these islands thoroughly, examining and photography their differing details.

However, when all the exploring is done and when you need to rest your dancing feet, not much can beat the romance of snuggling-up with a loved one on a hammock, as light scented candles gently drift beneath...

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