Saturday, 3 September 2011

Wot A Waste! Wot A Waste! But I Don't Mind!

 You chose to play The Fool in a six-piece band,
First night nerves and the one night stands,
I should be glad, to be so inclined,
Wot a waste! Wot a waste!
But I Don't Mind!
Ian Dury & The Blockheads, 1978

NaughtyMachinima is a valuable resource.

I have already received three written warnings from YouTube about the "inappropriate" nature of my films. They told me that, if I ever upload adult machinima to their service again, they would tell my parents of me. 

Or something like that.

However, on NaughtyMachinima (NM) we can upload naughty machinima without our parents ever needing to know!. And we do. By the thousands. In fact, the upload I finished not two minutes ago was upload #4800.

The main alternative to NM is KittyShack run by a really nice fella, Cybercat Bekkers. I would love to be able to do more on KittyShack but sadly it does not (yet) support High Definition (HD). A number of us go to great lengths to create our movies' in HD - it requires more expensive hardware, software, know-how and patience - if we can not then play those films in HD on a particular site, that site is put at a disadvantage.

NM does allow HD.

Both KittyShack and NM are one-man-bands. As a community we are lucky that these fellas are willing to put the effort in to ensure we have somewhere to upload our films to. 

Inevitably, as one-man-bands, things goes wrong. And worse, they go wrong and often there is no backup.


I have spent all today re-uploading my whole portfolio of (SL) films onto NM because of a glitch that saw the original source files get deleted. This is not the first time it has occurred - I have had similar happen on KittyShack's predecessor. 

I am on the penultimate re-upload as I speak. Once all are re-loaded, I will then have to update the embed code on all sites which display my films.

All-in-all, fixing this will have taken the lion's share of my weekend. A lot of wasted time.

But, you know what? Such is my gratitude for the valuable service that these fellas provide to the community, I really, simply do not mind.

I have now purchased NM's 'Platimum' service so that I can have a "one-stop shop" for all my movies, in HD.

Please enjoy this cheery ditty from arguably the Best Poet Laureate that England never had....Ian Dury:

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  1. Well said Pixie, i have by coincidence just thanked Muze on my blog for his efforts so far restoring our movies at NM.

    He was helpful, and a great guy to deal with, in among what's surely a pretty stressful time for him.

    I found Naughty Machinima initially because my first videos got banned from places, then i finally remembered Amykitten's site and double checked where she had uploaded to on her blog. NM is a valuable resource, and the hub of our whole scene.

    Along with Kittyshack we should all respect their efforts, acknowledge the work that goes into keeping these sites running. Not abuse them, and think before any harsh words are dished out towards them.

    I feel sorry for people who had no back up copies of lost movies. My advice is if you don't intend to keep your old movies, get them uploaded to a few video porn sites just to give yourself some kind of safety net. You can then download the FLV versions with some grabbing software for uploading to your favorite sites again if they experience troubles.

    Sere. xx

    P.S I'm a big fan of Ian Dury! Hit me with your rythm stick! Hit me! Hit meeeeeeeee! :P