Friday, 9 August 2013

Exclusive Second Life Chanel Haute-Couture Offer!

Kake Broek was recently awarded an exclusive franchise by Karl Lagerfilled of Chanel to market a fashionable range of handbag accessories in Second Life.
Specifically, Kake was tasked to design and create a range of Hula Hoop handbags, Lego handbags and Das Kalb handbags. After Kake had deducted his own justifiably large consultation fees from Lagerfilled’s payment the marketing budget would only just stretch far enough to employ me to model the handbags.
But, hey, work is work, right? Kake promises me that I will be richly rewarded with even more new accessories when he eventually bags that Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses commission he has been chasing for the last few months.
The photoshoot took place at Marmaduke Arado’s installation for an exhibition of virtual work by SL artists for the Bienal de Cerveira as organised by the Cerveira Biennial Foundation in Portugal. Other SL artists at the exhibition include Alpha Auer, Bryn Oh, Maya Paris and numerous others. It is definitely worth a visit!
Each of the three styles of Kake’s handbags comes in a full range of vibrant colours except, of course, the Das Kalb range which is presented in an elegant range of naturalistic and pastoral colours.
Due to the exclusive nature of these products and further, to enhance your sense of uniqueness, all the handbags come fully fitted with no-modify, no-copy and no-transfer permissions! The first ten customers will also be granted a special buy one, get one free offer! Please contact Kake Broek speedily and directly to take advantage of this fabulous offer.
And remember, if you have to ask how much they cost then you can’t afford them!
Pixie xx

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