Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tutsy Navarathna @ NitroGlobus

Following on from Tutsy’s second place win for Narcissus at MachinimaUWA VI, the NitroGlobus Gallery will soon be holding a celebration of his SL machinima. Tutsy, DoL and I are busy at work building a full-size mockup of the exhibition on our home sim in readiness for moving over to NitroGlobus. Watch this space for the opening date and further information.
The overall winner of MachinimaUWA VI was ‘Past | Beyond’ by Vilvu Rae of Finland (embedded below). Congratulations to Vilvu. I don’t think it is unfair to say that this was a case of an outsider galloping up the inside straight to pip at the post! Only 4 points separated first and second place but 14 points between first and third.
‘Past | Beyond’ is a haunting tale of past choices. It has a lot of very well done scenes, many with Depth of Field set. I especially enjoyed the scenes within the car and the subsequent aftermath which I thought was excellently done. Please take the time to watch this machimima!

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