Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tumblr'ing Milos Rajkovic

A friend recently asked where she might found a pool of high-quality sexy pictures for a particular adult roleplaying scenario she had in mind with her boyfriend. Not too sure what they had in mind exactly but the terms “trophy wife”, “bimbo”, “blonde” and “big boobs” were used more than once. And not by me, I might add.
After a little thought I suggested tumblr. I used to have a tumblr account but stopped using it around the time I started Second Life. Tumblr is actually pretty amazing and can be surprisingly additive. With over 132 million blogs and 58.2 billion posts, it has the ability to easily find and share pictures and videos – many of them most definitely NSFW!
After recommending it to my friend, I found my interest was re-stirred and I had a look around for the first time in around three years. I then quite accidently stumbled upon the blog of Milos Rajkovic of Belgrade and his wonderful gifs, some of which are reproduced here.
As for my friend, well, she started her tumblr blog and has over 1000 themed photographs posted and 250 followers - in only 10 days. Sadly, when I suggested it, she asked that I didn’t post a link!
Pixie xx

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