Monday, 5 August 2013

This Town...Is Coming Like A Ghost Town

Cica Ghost’s latest exhibition, Ghostville, opened last week at the MetaLES region. Cica’s work is always wildly popular, splashing colour into our consciousness with her wholly black and white installation in autumn last year, blogged here.
You may recall that that installation was also the stage for the re-enactment of a recently discovered fable by the Ancient Greek philosopher Isosceles Aesop’s (620–564 BC)  - The Raven, the Horse and the Slug – with Cica herself taking the role of the Raven. This particular fable is said to be Aesop’s personal favourite of his works.
Ghostville re-introduces us to some of the images and animations from the black and white world, as well as some new ones. The animations continue to be simple line drawings and are absolutely adorable for being so.
The installation comprises a number of different “vignettes”…each an element of a large deconstructed villa building. None are quite a whole room but comprise partially built walls, floors and windows. Most of the scenes have sits built in for photographers. Each has one or more of Cica’s animations or sketches, many of which are self-referential.
Ghostville continues Cica’s popular sweet, artistic simplicity. It is an endearing and engaging installation and I recommend it.
Pixie xx

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