Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Zubida - Erotic Débutante

BDSM Chair Doll
Bethi Cattaneo  - co-creator of the popular Essensusal range of erotic mesh sculptures which can be seen in many adult regions of Second Life and which I photographed and blogged in October 2012 – recently mentioned a photographer who had used  some of Bethi’s sculptures to great effect.
I asked Bethi for the link to this photographer’s flickr account. I was a little surprised to hear that this photographer did not have a flickr but OK, not everyone does. Bethi passed me two textures – the first two pictures of this blog-post – and I thought “oh these are fabulous!”  I looked up the name of the creator of the textures – Zubida – a name not known to me but OK, there are many SL photographers I haven’t encountered.
Bath With Doll 2
I indicated to Bethi that I would like to blog Zubida’s work as it was clear that there would be a wider audience who would enjoy it. Bethi went on to tell me that Zubida rarely showed her work publically, preferring instead to only share it among her close circle of friends.
“Shame”, I thought. I asked Bethi to give Zubida my name and ask her to contact me if she was interested in having her pictures appear on my blog.
To my delight, a few days later I received an IM from Zubida giving me permission to show her work. Moreover, on 5 August she also uploaded part of her catalogue to a flickr account – just under fifty pictures so far. Make contact with her via. flickr and look at her other photos.
What I especially like about Zudida’s work is their “cleanness”. By that I mean, very few filters or effects appear to have been applied. Similar in some ways to my own photography, Zudida seems to rarely if ever use the Photoshop ‘Filter’ menu selection. Instead she seems to mostly rely on the ‘Layer | Adjustments’ menu to colour grade the raw image and create her final picture.
Strawberry Revised
Of course I have no idea if this is actually Zudida’s workflow but the point is that I very much prefer this type of clean, unadulterated image to an image which has obviously had PS filters applied.
I like this “light touch”, “less is more” feel of Zudida’s post-production. I like the subject matter too.
I hope you also enjoy this, the first public outing of her work.
Pixie xx
Pixie Zubi Piano

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