Monday, 19 August 2013

The TeaHouse At the End of the Rainbow

As part of our recent region rebuild, I became the proud proprietor of a roadside café, ‘The Tea House At The End of the Rainbow’. Together with my glamorous Finnish assistant Naughty Nataly, our aim is to refresh the dogging community with a selection of tasty and energy-providing meals and drinks.
Our signature dish is fried Norwegian mackerel on a bed of fresh Wild London Rocket, served with lashings and lashings of ginger beer!
It was Naughty Nataly, in fact, who introduced me to the versatility of mackerel as a meal. As well as being very good swimmers, mackerel is also proving very popular with the doggers for its high protein content.
Tonight was the first of our Monday Music Nights! Unfortunately, Naughty Nataly could not attend as she had to help her granny knit cardigans for a big order from Primark. It was also Naughty Nataly's turn to make their Goat’s Meat & Potato soup supper.
However, even with Naughty Nataly's absence, Buddha Ruf stood sure and steadfast, enjoying his rock cake and custard dessert.
Guest DJ NoobCock4u Resident was spinning the disks all night. The doggers and I got down and dirty to these two great tunes….
Pixié De La Rain xx
PS: I’ll do a full picture blog of my new home, ‘The Tea House At The End of the Rainbow’, soon – perhaps even this coming weekend.


  1. Ahh, Peter Sarstedt! He was singing that song as a street singer in Stockholm when I first landed there as a young puppy :)

    1. I would have loved to have seen and heard that!